C.6 Experiences of skills for micro system change and projection’s path to a macro system change

Case study on the 15 years FERDEDSI network in Africa.

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* The content of our course will be a step by step presentation of our experiences with Ferdedsi in topics. Each topic will be shown, illustrated and explained how things raised, then the mind behind, the situation as it was, the changes in actions and behavior and lessons form that.

* Background & Abstract of the FERDEDSI Experiences :

FERDEDSI is in French. It means at the beginning: "Renewable Energies Forum for Sustainable Development and International Solidarity “and since 2016 the name’s meaning has moved to “Renewable Energies Forum for Sustainable, Solidary and Integrated Economic Development”.

FERDEDSI is an output of an integrated research and action on energy entrepreneurship and the promotion of renewable energies as a strategy of fighting against poverty in African rural areas.

The research path starts in 2002 at a seminar at the Belgium catholic university of Louvain on a climate change course. This was followed by various field studies in 2003 in far north Cameroon, connected to a master degree program with the Belgium agricultural university of Gembloux, in his economic & rural development unit.

The first outputs were improved to an interdisciplinary and inter-academic research work focus on different stakeholder’s behaviors. This research was hosted (2004) at the University of Kassel ( Germany) by the developing countries’ sociology department with the cooperation of the energy department and the partnerships witn many German, French , Belgium and African organizations. The FERDEDSI’s first African branch in 2006 in Cameroon for African action was followed by the creation of a second branch in 2007 (FERDEDSI Europe, with head office in Brussels).

For African’s desk, the first task help highlighting on the energy dimension of poverty in all its various forms; among which the various social exclusions and the forgotten energy needs of people and communities in all activities dimensions, showing the nature degradation and women painful work, with their struggle in all spheres linked to energy. In many Africa regions, various meetings were hold related to community sensitizing on alternative energy, energy saving, local committee with small pilot projects on small hydro and solar system.

Academic research and Ferdedsi’s actions were carried up together till 2008, since then, FERDEDSI becoming a network, extend new branches with studies & actions in other African countries (The Gambia, Burundi, the Congos (others in process)) with an international internship program with student up to date from Europe, Africa, Canada.

In 2014 a first government agreement was signed for an institute of practices and since 2016 improving young northern and southern experts’ skills are priority to help bringing the alternative thinking and doing at macro level.